Hi there! I’m Jen Riddle and I’m a right-brained lover of all things creative. I currently travel around from class to class with my art cart teaching Pre-K-12th grade at Providence Preparatory School in Belton, TX.


My ambition in teaching is aimed at opening the eyes of my students to see beauty all around them. I love unlocking creativity in a child and helping them to produce something lovely.


I believe every child should have the time and space to explore creatively through paints, crayons, paper, etc. Through art, a child can explore history, science, math, literature, and more. The possibilities of creativity in art are endless!


When I’m not teaching, you can find me enjoying calligraphy, watercolor painting, baking, gardening and hanging with my two best guys, my husband Jake, and my dog Murph.

Jen Riddle
Art Teacher & Founder
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